The Real Possibilities of Astrology: What can it do? (Part 3)

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People who read this article should release their imagination. Be free to ask as many questions as you can, because the more you ask – the more you get. It is better to know more and choose than to be limited by a small amount of options. Astrology will help you to expand your horizon.

When you have a problem, the first thoughts that come to your mind are usually the most obvious ones.Astrology wants us to take some time, to immerse into thinking process, to seek for alternatives and come up with a weight decisions. This is the right condition: to give other options a chance, instead of making important decisions faster just to get rid of it. Astrology provides a lot of possible outcomes by simply analyzing your horoscope, one of these ideas may be just right for you.

Astrology also tries to shape only realistic expectations through life, so the amount of everyday heartbreaks and illusions is reduced. Lots of people suffer not from the situation in their life, but rather from the expectation that didn’t meet. We tend to wear pink glasses, neglecting our reality. However, the life goes on and only we are responsible for our happiness.

People are so different, and it amazes us every day. We can’t say which choice you will certainly make, but we can say what you should expect you after making that choice, which atmosphere, what is going to change, how and when.

New events and situations make you experienced, you investigate yourself deeply. There is always a moment in life of every person when we realize that life is an instant action, a perfect progress. We are always getting more and more intelligent and wise, even when we are old.

Please, remember this: by the time you were born, the positions of stars and planets above you were really unique. There will be no similar moments to this; the giant heavenly objects will never have such position again. You have a reason, a mission in this life and the only thing that measures you is time, so don’t waste it and live as full as you can.

The Real Possibilities of Astrology: What can it do?

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Astrology can be very helpful for people in different situations. It can show the signs of hazardous situation ahead and warn you about it. Astrology can definitely show you the hidden skills and talents that haven’t surfaced yet and give you some advices on how to achieve success in practicing.

The Real Possibilities of Astrology: What can it do? (Part 2)

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We tend to experience long-termed influences by eclipses and so-called farther planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The things that we experience in the inner and outer world daily are ‘sponsored’ by closer or personal planets Venus, Mars, Mercury and by our satellite the Moon.