Gemini + Scorpio

Different Speeds Gemini and Scorpio make very special couple of opposites. Scorpio is quite estranged and keeps reserved, as opposed to freedom-loving, sociable and changeable nature of Gemini. Individually each sign possesses great traits that can rarely combine well together. They have passion between them and are attracted by the differences each partner possesses. They have a lot of topics to discuss together, and usually they have different but very interesting opinions, so each partner is involved into fair discussion. If Scorpio speaks about something, the topic should be viewed from all the sides. For Gemini who has the urge to change the topic as soon as some time passes by such behavior of Scorpio is rather boring.

Though both of them have different but hilarious sense of humor, they often conflict with each other. As soon as Scorpio tries to go deeper into any topic, Gemini shows irritation and haste. Usually namely sense of humor saves them from conflict becoming a major problem.

Scorpio falls for Gemini because of the adjustability and manifoldness of this sign, making it a constantly developing puzzle for Scorpio. The secretiveness of Scorpio may irritate Gemini, but this sign has light demeanor and rarely remembers offences for a long time. Gemini helps Scorpio become more open to the world and new events in life. Scorpio needs privacy very often and Gemini sometimes misinterprets the need to be alone for coldness on Scorpio’s part. They need to learn to avoid tension and to give each other time apart to calm down. It is their main key for happiness together: understanding and accepting features of partner’s character.

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