Gemini + Sagittarius

These two signs can have great time together, making each other prosper side by side. They both are joyful people with usually cheerful disposition and love to freedom. They are explorers and they can find out lots of interesting and new things together. They like to have fun together, and it is a major element of their love. These signs know how to entertain each other better than anybody else. They usually start as friends, but they are magnetized to one another and soon they become a lovely couple. They improve and change each other, but these changes are not intrusive or rude, they are natural.

Gemini’s source of information comes from the world around, while Sagittarius’ source is their experience, it comes from the inside. Together they create a perfect combination of people who continuously develop and improve each other. These people progress together and the scenario when one person outgrows another here doesn’t happen.

They value freedom and self-sufficiency, so such relationships can escape official procedures for a long time. Gemini and Sagittarius are made for each other and even if they break for some reason, they eventually get back together. As for their differences: Gemini is a manifold person and wants to develop in every direction, while Sagittarius is a very straightforward person who always thinks about the future. Sagittarius believes that Gemini lacks of determination and clear purpose, and that may become a potential problem. However, it is very hard to separate these people, as their love is sincere and their bond is incredibly strong.

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