Gemini + Capricorn

They are absolutely opposite signs, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be happy together. Their relationships are very changeable and intense. Gemini here is a joyful and easy force, while Capricorn is pragmatic and serious one. Capricorn is an observant sign, who watches and simply makes non-emotional conclusions about people. Gemini is very talkative and sincere, so it is strange for this sign to see no visible reaction from the other person, because interaction is very important for Gemini. Before making considerable steps in their relationships Capricorns make plan, try to ensure that everything is alright and that there are no hidden motives for the other person to be with Capricorn. For Gemini it is often too much.

Gemini is expressive and open-minded, Capricorns usually seem boring and too serious for them, moreover Capricorns are quite controlling which contradicts the interests of freedom-loving Gemini. Usually these two start to argue about the differences in their characters, and these conflicts are always very hard for both partners.

If they try to make their relationships work out, Gemini makes life of Capricorn easier, more pleasant and fun, ensuring that their partner is happy. As a result it will be easier to communicate with Capricorn, as this sign becomes more open. Gemini can find a way to become more goal-oriented person and to reach more with the advices and careful guidance of Capricorn. If Gemini understands and loves the stable nature of Capricorn, and Capricorn learns how to relax – they have all the chances to go through hardships successfully. These two can make it happen if their feelings are true and they are ready to make efforts for the sake of their union.

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