Gemini + Aquarius

Aquarius and Gemini make a wonderful couple. They both are intelligent and creative. They encourage ideas and projects of each other, being the true soul mates. The first thing that evokes interest for each other is their intellect and intriguing and arguable topics. After they have an ability to speak their mind and spend some time in discussion – the magic starts. Aquarius is a very exploring sign and Gemini likes changing environment and is always ready to experiment.

These partners love the imperfections of each other; they see uniqueness and want to embrace it. Aquarius’ creativity overwhelms and inspires Gemini. Both partners are self-sufficient and have life apart from their relationships. They value the limits every partner sets and respect the choice of each other. Also, they are brilliant together when in public. The combination of these two joyful and vital energies is very inspiring.

These relationships promise to be long-term. Aquarius’ mild and caring attitude helps tame the excessive changeability of Gemini. Also Aquarius can teach Gemini how to pull oneself together and get enough determination to start or finish something according to the situation. Gemini is adaptive and positively reacts on changes in life, which makes active and purposeful Aquarius happy. They can also have some misunderstandings, but their mutual respect always helps to prove sincerity of their feelings.

If these two have the same goal and a plan on how to achieve it, they can reach the highest heights together. Their support, trust in each other and flexibility are their major allies. They know each other intuitively and have all chances to become happy.

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