Cancer + Virgo

Both signs are looking for stability in their lives. Neither is overly initiating, so there will be no rush. Their relationships start from attention to details in their partner, politeness, and some conservatism. Cancer and Virgo are intuitive signs, and they feel the needs of each other and can always give some space. In this case, it is good if their development is slow.

Cancer likes the individuality of Virgo, as well as the way Virgo chooses something and pays attention to details. Virgo will test Cancer on the ability to do things together and co-exist in one environment. It should be a positive sign for Cancer, as it shows deep interest from the other person. They both need a stable element in their lives, inner confidence, and security. As soon as trust is maintained between them, they become almost perfect for each other, sharing their habits, routines, hobbies, and vulnerabilities.

Virgo might seem unemotional to Cancer at times, because Virgo is oriented inwards. It might cause some problems with understanding. They will need to communicate a lot. Generally, they are compatible, especially in marriage, combining Virgo’s attention to his/her partner and Cancer’s high emotionality. These signs provide safety for each other.

They know what to do and how to act to make a partner happy. They are flexible when it comes to hobbies and activities together. Their home also makes them closer. Cancer and Virgo can raise pets and kids. They need to avoid fights and drama, because it destabilizes their relationship and can lead to a long period of misunderstanding caused by deprived safety and stability.

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