Cancer + Scorpio

They are very alike, and it provides a lot of things in common for them. When it comes to love, at first, they can be tough with each other, though they feel attraction, but after some time, they show their real nature.

If they meet each other after they had painful relationships in the past, it is complicated for them to stick together, as both of them need to deal with post-traumatic versions of their partners. In this case, their relationship will take more time to evolve.

However, they have a high level of understanding. For Scorpio, it is totally fine that Cancer needs to take a break sometimes. If they have no problems demonstrating their feelings, they can build firm and long-lasting relationships. Their sensitivity and emotionality will cause the right amount of dynamics in their relationships. In some cases, it leads to co-dependent relationships.

Scorpio might also need some time apart, but for Cancer, it will be hard to accept. Cancer’s insecurity will annoy Scorpio and lead to problems. Cancer will need to do much work on emotional acceptance of the partner and being self-sufficient on their own. Simple understanding of partner’s needs can save a lot of neurons.

Self-sufficiency and independence magnetizes Scorpio, so Cancer will need to maintain inner confidence and avoid dependency on a partner. In this case, two self-sufficient partners will be able to live life at its fullest. They can also have problems with who is a leader in the relationship. It won’t matter after some time, but at first, it can cause problems.

Also, in this relationship, sense of humor plays a more important role than it seems. It will be a tool to get rid of tension. They can be a great family, sharing their hobbies and being able to cope with problems as a couple and individually. They nurture and support each other. Cancer and Scorpio have a great potential together.

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