Cancer + Sagittarius

These relationships start passionately. They attract each other, but it doesn’t often lead to a deep commitment. Sagittarius have a frivolous nature and rarely agree to burden themselves with responsibilities. However, Cancer and Sagittarius can go for a lot of extraordinary activities together. Cancer can become a safe haven for Sagittarius, while Sagittarius can provide numerous adventures for Cancer.

Cancer will be seeking emotional commitment and inner safety, while Sagittarius wants to live life at its fullest. Cancer will want warmth, and Sagittarius will desire more space. Cancer will feel uncomfortable in such relationships where the partner is close and distant at the same time. It will lead to a decrease of self-esteem and increase the number of insecurities.

Sagittarius will need changes and a dynamic flow of relationships. Cancer will be excited at first, but then there will be a need to settle down. Cancer and Sagittarius will need to compromise a lot and often. Their union is ruled by the Moon and Venus.

Cancer will be confused, as he/she feels that Sagittarius is a good person to trust, but rationally, there will be a lot of doubts due to the independent and fun-loving nature of Sagittarius. It will be a major challenge for this couple. Sagittarius is able to feel deep and feel a lot, but usually, this sign prefers quantity over quality, wishing to try everything at least once. Sagittarius needs to learn how to concentrate on the quality of the emotion. Otherwise, Sagittarius can hurt a person unintentionally.

It is possible for them to have an amazing time together. Though Cancer usually prefers to stay at home and Sagittarius wants to go out, there is still a chance for them to have a happy life together. Sagittarius can bring more emotions to Cancer’s life, supporting their partner and encouraging his/her self-esteem. Cancer can calm down Sagittarius’s destructive desire to be everywhere at once and show pleasure from concentrating and completing something to the end.

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