Cancer + Capricorn

These signs don’t have much in common. Cancer tends to romanticism and relies on a partner a lot. Capricorn is more pragmatic and rational. If they stick together, they stick for a long time, because it is something bigger than love. These two signs are absolutely different and considered to be polar in the Zodiac circle. It is an unexpected couple.

Compared to Capricorn, Cancer has a changeable mood, and the mood swings can drive Capricorn crazy. Capricorn wants to have a person to rely on, to know for sure that nothing can change that. Cancer believes that Capricorn is too pragmatic and too rational.

Cancer needs some time to show his/her nature to a partner and treat emotions as well as actions. Capricorn usually takes into account only actions and wants to have a partner who can spend time independently and together with the same enthusiasm.

For Cancer, Capricorn is a good and reliable partner that can balance the emotional swings that happen. If they go through the first phase of the relationships when they get to know each other and if they open up to each other, they can be a huge support in each other’s lives.

They are quite ambitious, though they have different strategies on how to get everything they want. They can be good colleagues and reach a goal faster together, balancing the negative traits of each other. The only key in their relationships to avoid fights over ambitiousness is mutual respect.

These signs can bring a lot of positive moments to each other’s journey. They can be happy if they share one home, as both like the atmosphere of coziness and warmth.

In general, these signs have a lot of problems with each other, but if they can overcome each and every disagreement, they can grow strong together.

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