Cancer + Aquarius

These people are quite different. Cancer is emotional and seeks for a partner to understand it. Aquarius has another priority. Cancer won’t know for sure if Aquarius is the person to rely on. Aquarius is a dreamer and has a hard time planning for a long time ahead. In order to be happy together, they need to work hard on compromises.

Cancer is a type of sign that wants a deep commitment and plans to settle down. Aquarius likes to act and then to think; planning is not the best thing to attract Aquarius. It will be complicated to build healthy relationships if people don’t have a common ground. Cancer will have huge trust issues when it comes to Aquarius. It will be really hard to overcome those difficulties, especially if two signs want their relationship to be easier.

However, these signs can still be together even for a short period of time. They can spend the best time together, keeping in mind that special bond for the rest of their lives. When they are dating, Cancer is quite protective, and Aquarius is rather curious. Aquarius is extremely sociable, which is opposite to the feeling of a deep connection that is expected by Cancer.

Cancer can have regular mood swings, and Aquarius can deal with it easily. It will have a calming effect on Cancer. The same works for Aquarius; Cancer can become a person to share the deepest feelings and fears with; after that, Aquarius is calmer and more concentrated. They can complete each other in a very strange way.

If they have a goal to be together and are ready to work, they have a good potential as their relationship is extraordinary, providing for the purposefulness of Cancer and creativity of Aquarius.

However, Aquarius needs a good deal of freedom and understanding. A lot of rules that apply to Cancer will simply scare Aquarius.

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