Astrology and astronomy

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Astrology and Astronomy have been misapprehended with each other for a long time, and some people still confuse these two sciences. In the middle ages these sciences were joined into one and Astronomy was a secondary by importance, while Astrology was the main one. Only since the 17th century after the reevaluation of the direction of these branches they were finally separated. Since the separation Astrology has been having a bad time.

Since 18th century both sciences have clear borders of difference, though they are both related to the celestial objects. Astronomy is a branch of physics that studies the placement of the celestial objects. Astrology is a metaphysical knowledge that researches the way celestial objects influence people’s lives.

Solar system

Astrology was there for a very long time, before people were able to measure the angle of the planets by the telescope. Humans tend to look in the sky and wonder what secrets it bears. We observe the sky, and we found out that celestial body move in a certain manner and have a stable pattern. People understood that particular movements of the planets coincide with cyclic events and started to make predictions, based on the information from the stars. It became more and more popular, so people often use it as a saving tool when they need to make an essential decision.

So, the telescopes and massive powerful lenses appeared and people got an opportunity to compare the events on the Earth with position of the celestial bodies, but now they can make it in a more precise way. Hubble telescopeAstronomy nowadays is believed to be a serious and main science. However, Astrology withstood all the mocking and periods of misbelieve and now serves as a guide through people’s lives and shows the direction to all who are in times of trouble or who feel stuck on the one place. Astrology is based on the hundred years of observations, includes thousands of analyzed and compared events and is quite popular nowadays. Some people use the information from Astrology as their secret source of tricks, and they not only prevent negative events in life, but also benefit from finding a personal approach to different people.

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