Everything you need to know about eclipses and how to go through them

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Eclipses usually enormously influence our everyday life. They are one of the most crucial signs universe gives us to highlight the spheres in our life that must experience changes. They shock us like an electric wave, change our perception of the world and bring us into motion. Eclipses take us far away from our comfort zone to make us grow, become more mature and intensifies every area of our life. Eclipses make a major shift in our life whether we want it or not.

Every year you should check the amount and signs of the eclipses that are about to come as well as their houses and degrees. One year has 4 eclipses on average. Back in 2011 we had 6 of them, and 10 days before 2011 there was another eclipse, which makes almost 7 eclipses in one year (which is pretty intense for such a period of time). Such years are difficult, as they introduce too many changes and challenges in a relatively short period.

He information provided here will give you an insight on how to cope with eclipse period. This information was compiled due to years of examination of people around and their behavior specifically during eclipses.

So, here is some main information about the families of eclipses. If you understand that you are familiar with this info, you are free to check the point below.

Eclipse is always a pair thing, they usually happen with new moon and full moon, being solar and lunar eclipses. They happen in a family of signs that share the same axis. In other words, eclipse families can happen with the pair of signs, situated opposite each other (that have 6 months interval) on the Zodiac circle.

For instance, in 2015 there was Pisces-Virgo family eclipse. It consisted of solar new moon eclipse on March, 20 (Pisces, 29°) and of solar eclipse on September, 12 (Virgo, 20°). Also, there we two other eclipses in Aries-Libra family: lunar on April, 4 (Libra, 14°), and lunar full moon eclipse on September, 27 (Aries, 5°). So you understand that once in a certain period it happens that there are two families of eclipses show themselves during one year.

In 2016 the thing like that occurred again. Pisces-Virgo family of signs hosted 3 eclipses, with the first solar eclipse taking place on March, 8 (Pisces, 19°), the second solar new moon eclipse happening on September,1 (Virgo, 9°). One lunar eclipse happened on September, 16 (Pisces), while the other lunar full moon eclipse occurred on March, 23 (Libra, 3°). It makes Libra-Aries family have 2 years of eclipses in a row, which is pretty impressive.

On March, 23 the overall amount of the eclipses in Libra-Aries signs’ family was 6 for the 2016 year. Pisces-Virgo family of signs had the last eclipse in a row on February, 26, also making 6 eclipses. In both instances with 6 eclipses it is enough to bring major changes to the human’s life.