Virgo + Capricorn

Capricorn and Virgo make a good couple. They don’t like to waste their time and prefer to set their priorities straight. They know how to be patient to get great results. For both of them, the ability to trust and rely on a partner is vital for their relationships. They are close to each other and can feel if their partner is in doubt, nervous, or has some problems.

It is common for these signs to meet at work-related places, as for both of them work is an essential tool of self-identification. Often, work becomes a point that unites them and gives them an opportunity to provide support, so they start to consider each other romance-wise.

Virgo is well-known as being a great support, being a reliable person, which is extremely valuable to Capricorn. They have differences as well. Virgo doesn’t really care about the reputation or opinion of others, while for Capricorn it is important. Capricorns love to work well and to look amazing and to feel it. It can cause problems for Virgo, who is oriented inwards and values intimacy.

For Capricorn, it is often complicated to understand why Virgo counts every step instead of wanting more and aiming higher. Capricorn is a maximalist, and it can stress out a Virgo, who already figured out the best and the safest way to achieve what he/she wants. Though their aims and approaches are different, they are similar in their dedication to what they do.

They need to spend a lot of time outside their home. Any sport activities related to nature or even extreme sports will help them release their tension apart from work and introduce more excitement to their relationships. Their union is usually long-lasting and gets more passionate with time, as they can grow together as a couple.

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