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If you want to learn longer and in a profound way, you can take the Sun with cycle of 365 days which makes about a degree a day. Your observation will take a year, a period neutral in its duration and suitable for astrological experiments as well. The Sun brings the energy of life to each house of the birth chart, so you can inquire the changes day by day, admitting the characteristics of each period of the year. What would be during a day when the Sun is in conjunction to Jupiter? What happens? What is going on with your inner world when the Sun transits your fourth house or for example transits Saturn in your fourth house?

One day you see drastic changes, another day everything seems to be calm and nothing really happens and there is nothing to note and observe, but it is the flow of life. Day by day you will be able to see the slightest changes in your life, the starting points of different events that seemed random before, but now are absolutely normal for the astrological period that impacts you. It opens a wide range of opportunities in your life. Also, as you've gone through the cycles and transits, you will be able to see and check them for someone else, as you are experienced enough.

Progressions are one more method to correlate the chart with the present. If the transits make it possible to track the movements of the planets 'online', the progressions give us insight in the earlier and more profound period of maintaining of the person's life. The progression is a number of the day after the birth that describes one year a day. For instance, let's take the ephemeris and count the fourth day after the birth which will be equal to the fourth year and 30th day from the birth will be like 30 years of life. We are interested in the positions of the planets in the day of our interest.

Nowadays, we have numerous methods of progressing a chart like Naibod, Solar Arc Directions or Secondary and each of them gives us a chance to look at a person's life from other perspective. The main things you need to know about progression is that there are lots of tools that can help you and that a progressed chart depicts your inner world, characteristics of your temper, the deepest traits of yours that were given to you at the day of your birth. The traits described in the progressive chart are not on the surface, they are hidden within.

To clarify this to you, we can roughly say that transits show the external things and events that can happen to you while the progressed planets will depict the state of your soul, the disturbances of your inner world that are rather hidden. The progressed planets go through the chart similarly to the transits, but their movement is way slower. Comparing the transiting Moon and the progressed Moon, the first needs 27 days and 12 hours to complete the cycle, while the progressed one will need 27 and a half years to do the same.

Introduction to Transits

planets, transits

Speaking about transits, we will face cycles of movements of the planets one more time, however, it will be way closer and more thorough. Transits in astrology refer to the positions of the planets regarding zodiacal belt by the particular needed moment.


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Astrology is a study that researches the motion of the planets and celestial objects around our solar system. Space and planets can give us expanded perspective of our lives and show interrelation with our roots.