Taurus + Pisces

This couple is very sweet and loving. Hey seem to be created for each other. Taurus appreciates romantic and touchy soul of Pisces. Pisces are amazed by Taurus’ approach to life, by self control and sense of aesthetics. The first period of these signs dating are so atmospheric and inspirational that it causes great amount of envy from others. Pisces and Taurus have lots of things in common, for example home for both signs is something almost sacred, a place to hide, to rest and to relieve tension.

Pisces are always looking for somebody who can offer long-term relationships, a place to fix in. Taurus takes lead in these relationships and Pisces are only delighted by it. Partners have mutual sense of respect and can do anything to make each other happy and satisfied. Pisces help Taurus become more open and help to explore rather unknown sides of Taurus character, as love to strange art or music which seems unusual to Taurus.

Their relationships promise to be amazing, but still they have lots of differences in characters and it can lead to scandals once in a while. Taurus gets irritated when Pisces cannot get real or cannot stand for themselves, while Pisces believe there are more important things than reputation and material wellbeing. However, these conflicts are usually short, as both signs cannot be cold to each other for too long. In critical situations they should recall positive memories to crowd out negative emotions from the arguing. They suit each other and they can always find a way to stay together.

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