Gemini + Virgo

When Gemini and Virgo meet each other they fall for each other very quickly. They are an amazing couple. Both are intellectuals and value personality first. They feel so free in each other’s company that they can discuss everything from the first days of them dating. They have intimate connection and know that they can rely on each other and confide in any secret. These partners rarely try to change each other; they respect and embrace the uniqueness of their couple. Also, they seem to have endless list of topics to speak about from the description of what they’ve eaten today to cultural crisis.

Virgos are usually very precise in their thoughts, actions and they have a plan of what and when to say. Gemini are absolutely random in ideas, thoughts and say what comes to their mind first and they do it honestly and directly. Gemini often doesn’t like the manner of Virgo, believing it to be a little bit pretentious, while Virgos are shocked by Gemini’s logic of thinking. However, they have many things in common and usually they have the same principles and views on the main aspects of life. It makes them choose the same path in life together.

Often they have problems with planning. Virgo needs to be secure and safe, so this sign is always prepared, is a careful planner and does everything beforehand. Gemini in comparison to Virgo is a little chaotic. Virgo is irritated by spontaneous decisions, as they are usually poorly thought out. In order to see how these signs work together, pay attention to Mercury, as this planet is responsible for their compatibility. Generally, they are compatible, but need to adjust to each other to lead a happy and conflict-free life.

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