Gemini + Gemini

Two Gemini are too much to handle. Together they create excessive amount of energy and cannot withstand each other for a long time. This combination makes too much noise, as both of the partners feel the need to express their opinion no matter what. They can be compared to a sparkle that has lots of energy and shine, and fades away short time after. They fell in love with personality, and an ability to talk to each other and availability of topics are very important for them. They need energy and action in every moment of their life and it is quite complicated to be in such tension all the time.

Their relationships are like a rollercoaster: crazy and in constant motion. It works both ways, making their life saturated with events or too destabilized. Both partners strive to continuous development and together they can find out a lot of new things. They live to have fun. Gemini cannot stand boring people, as they value individuality and opinion the most. They are made for creative professions and can support each other with reasonable criticism.

They can be together if their characters are adaptive and they have easy attitude on each other’s behavior. In this case Gemini are joyful, caring, loving and ready to share the best moments together. They will have fun and brighten the lives of each other. It is always very interesting to hear them talk, as their conversations are deep and sincere. If they have enough patience and understanding, this couple can have wonderful experience day by day.

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