Gemini + Cancer

These signs have lots in common and they are located right beside each other on a Zodiac wheel. They have very strong bond, profound understanding of wants and needs of each other. Though they have this rare connection, this is a type of relationships that are rare to be easy. People remember these relationships for the whole life, as oftentimes they end because of different reasons. However, if they manage to cope with obstacles on their way and are ready to do it over and over again – they can become true soulmates, sharing joys and sorrows.

Gemini is very intellectual and daring sign who wants to have it all. Cancer is ruled by feelings and has specific principles in life which can differ from Gemini’s perception of life. These two are very close in emotions, and they can be happy if they decide to settle down together. After this, the couple will improve the qualities of each other, manifesting their love as nobody else can. Both Cancer and Gemini have amazing power of mind which is illustrated by their imagination. These two will never get bored in each other’s company.

They need constant developing and when they are not in action, they feel frustrated. They are dreamers and appreciate romantic gestures. They will reveal the best sides of each other in unusual situations during trips, in other countries or in stressful situations. Sense of humor and wit are important in their relationships, and one joke can save them from conflict. However, Cancer can interpret jokes in other way, and Gemini cannot understand why Cancer doesn’t understand it. These outbreaks of misunderstanding can compromise the relationships. But in general they can become amazing and funny family.

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